Debra Hunter

I would like to welcome you to my new blog.

Last August I started blogging at www.htheblog.wordpress.com . I never knew blogging would end up being such a fascinating way of connecting with both new people and people I have known for years. Originally “H….the blog” was going to be my blog about art and photography, however as time went on the scope expanded further and further. I was no longer sharing just images from studio sessions or the latest fibre art projects, I was also blogging about snowshoeing, walks through the woods and potential developments damaging habitats. As I love writing about both art & photography and all the other things in life, I decided a new blog will help me to place my interests into compartments. Www.htheblog.wordpress.com will cover my wanderings and all the fun stuff, www.debrahunter.wordpress.com will cover art & photography, and as if that isn’t enough, www.islandhomeblog.wordpress.com is all about our adventures at our island home.

I’m not truly crazy posting on three blogs, I actually use blogging as a way to edit the thousands of pictures I take. Last year it was around 50,000 images.

So welcome to the new blog, I look forward to sharing some fun stuff with you!

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  1. Deb says:

    Reblogged this on h….. the blog and commented:

    I’ve decided to start another blog to focus on my art and “serious” photography. I will continue to blog all the fun stuff here at H….the blog. Feel free to pop on over and visit the new site. I aim to get some fresh content up on it very quickly.

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