Red Deer Child Photographer – Back to School

back to school portrait

September is the month of change. Vacations are over, days become shorter, the leaves change color, and children are back to school. One thing I notice with my own children is that September is also the month that I notice my children have changed. Some how over the summer they have become bigger and older (and cuter!). Now that the first week of school is behind us and families are back to regular routines, it is a great time to think about family photography. This is a great time to capture just how much a child has changed over the summer.

Nowadays ” Back to School ” covers many different styles of learning. Some children go to a school, some cyber-school and other children are home schooled. This year we thought we would extend an invitation to any cyber-school or home school groups that may be interested in arranging an afternoon group session for “back to school” pictures. Please give Debra a call at 403-588-4032 or send us an email and we can tailor a sitting to suit your group’s needs.

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