St. Mary’s Church, Red Deer, Alberta – Architectural Photography

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I had the opportunity to be in St. Mary’s Church this evening, a church that makes for very interesting interior photography. This church has dramatic architecture and was originally designed by the architect Douglas Cardinal. The skylights create almost theatrical lighting while the way the ceiling hangs over such a large space is quite amazing.

The timing of this post works out to be quite convenient. Last year I photographed the church on Christmas Eve and posted the images on my other blog, over the past week I  have noticed the post is getting many views with the search words being “St. Mary’s Church mass times”. I thought I would include the mass times for this year for those who are looking (it isn’t that easy to find!).

December 24th – 5:00 pm, 7:30 pm, 10:00 pm, midnight
December 25th – 10:00 am

Mass at St. Mary’s on Christmas is quite something, but remember to arrive very early as the mass is always very, very busy.