January 2014 – Updates, Changes and Things

Last year when I started this blog my concept was that this would be the venue to share finished work and projects, portfolio work and updates for anything I was doing professionally. The blog was an off shoot of http://www.htheblog.wordpress.com which is an eclectic mix of works in progress, fibre art experiments, photography and a lot of real life. I decided to start this blog so that the business customers wouldn’t have to wade through posts about things like snowshoeing and collecting tansy for dyes, while those reading “h the blog” for fun would not have to read the business updates. It made sense. What I didn’t gauge for was what an interesting and diverse year 2013 would be. Bigger and more time-consuming projects meant that I was busy but the concept of only showing “finished projects” no longer made sense for this blog. I could work months on a project before it was done or have many projects finish around the same time with no time to blog about them. So with the onset of 2014 I have decided I need to tweak the direction of this blog.

A Catch of 10 (2013) artwork by Debra Hunter naturally dyed and hand stitched fibre art 16.5 inches by 7 inches

A Catch of 10
artwork by Debra Hunter
naturally dyed and hand stitched fibre art
16.5 inches by 7 inches

For 2014 I will continue to show the finished work, projects and portfolio work. I will also share business updates, show information and product information. In addition to this I am going to aim to do one or two “work in progress” posts a month to give a little insight into what is up and coming and also how items are created. On Wednesdays I will also be aiming to produce an image of the city of Red Deer for “Wordless Wednesday; this is a way for me to continually produce a folio documenting the city. This may expand to two other areas we frequent as the year goes on.

Now that you have read all my plans for 2014, lets move onto some updates and some “works in progress”. I plan to revisit many of these in-depth in future posts, but for now here is a little taste of what is going on.

blog coffee sweater 10The last month I have been very busy making coffee sweaters. A great little item made of yarns I dye by hand and hand knit. I have been updating my website ( http://www.thehuntergroup.ca ) plus they are also being sold at Sunworks in Red Deer, Alberta. It seems every time I get a stockpile made they are off to new homes.

blog coverI finished the illustrations for “Straw Hat, Rubber Boots and a Cat” by Kathy Weisse. I will have a blog post about the book coming up soon.

blog c m headshot

blog speech caep

A corporate shooting job, including head shots and event photography, kept me busy for quite a while and was completed just before Christmas.

blog stitching work in progressI have three fibre art pieces in progress. All are dealing with Alberta imagery. All are hand dyed with natural dyes. All are hand stitched and hand beaded. All are taking a very long time to complete. There will probably be many updates in the future regarding these pieces.

Driftwood Bracelet #1

Driftwood Bracelet #1

The naturally dyed and hand tied bracelets are also being worked on. I love these pieces and want to keep them all for myself!

In addition to all this I am currently developing another useable art item (development takes time and a lot of experimentation!) and test driving new materials for the coffee sweaters and bracelets, plus the studio floor is about to be “tweaked” (what a saga!).

I think adding work in progress to this blog will keep it a lot more interesting. I hope you will enjoy following all that I get up to in 2014!

(If you are interested, bracelets and coffee sweaters are available through our website http://www.thehuntergroup.ca , we take Paypal and ship throughout Canada.)

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