New Canadian Painting Completed – Cabin Trees #1 (2014)

"Cabin Trees #1" 2014

“Cabin Trees #1”
acrylic on canvas
16″ x 20″

This is a painting that sat on my easel for months half-finished. I walked past the unfinished canvas hundreds of times, thought about what I should do next, but never put paint to canvas. The other evening I had an hour and a half with no one else in the house and decided it was the perfect opportunity to get a little bit done on the painting. Finishing off the painting came incredibly easily, probably because I have photographed and sketched these trees numerous times and by doing so I knew exactly what it was I wanted to show of the trees. I wish all paintings went this way.

The painting is called “Cabin Trees #1”. These are the trees that sit in the backyard of our cabin at Lake Isle, Alberta. I like the muted color and the patterns on the trees, but most of all it is the subject matter that draws me to the painting. The painting is a glimpse of rural Alberta, but also transports me to our cabin.


Artwork by Debra Hunter
paintings, fibre art, photography, eco dyed bracelets & coffee sweaters
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada



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