New Canadian Painting – “Deep Snow in the Sanctuary” (2014)

Deep Snow in the Sanctuary -2014 (Kerry Wood Nature Centre)

“Deep Snow in the Sanctuary”
(Kerry Wood Nature Centre, Red Deer, Alberta)
medium : acrylic on canvas
dimensions: 16 inches by 20 inches

“Deep Snow in the Sanctuary” is a painting depicting an area I visit often in the sanctuary area behind Kerry Wood Nature Centre in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

A few weeks ago I was snowshoeing past this spot and the trees caught my eye, perhaps because it is an interesting view, but also because it reminded me of a painting I had just completed, “Cabin Trees #1”. I took a quick iPhone shot and was on my way. A bit later I was looking at the image and thought it was worth a painting. This is literally the first landscape painting of Alberta I have done in years, with the last several years being focused on painting macro images of wild and garden flowers.

It was interesting working on a full view compared to working on macro subjects. It was refreshing really. When working up close every inch is filled with some detail, while on a landscape part of the story is the empty space. Viewing the canvas in person really gives the feeling of quiet winter space; an experience that an image on a computer, tablet or phone just can’t quite convey.

I’m quite pleased that I stopped to take the iPhone shot as it has made me expand my horizons. I am now thinking I should use the sanctuary as a basis for a theme for the next little while. It is an area close to home, an area I know very well, and it will give me the opportunity to mix landscape while still dabbling in a few wildflower macros. It also gives me a very good excuse to get out and snowshoe and walk more often…..and that is a very good thing!


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