“Hay Bales at Horne Beach” (2014)

"Hay Bales at Horne Beach" (2014) 11 inches by 14 inches acrylic on canvas

“Hay Bales at Horne Beach”
11 inches by 14 inches
acrylic on canvas

We just spent a weekend at the cabin. As the weather was changeable with periods of rain dotted with spots of sun it was easy to find a couple of hours to paint. Thanks to my husband giving me a rather lovely iPad Mini, I am currently testing a new way to approach my painting where by I shoot a scene on the device and then use that as a reference for the painting. This is the first painting completed this way.

Sometimes I will paint on location as some of you may have seen on my Island Home Blog, but after a few close calls with rising tides I think having the reference image to finish up with will be handy….and safer (let’s just say last time we cut it too close!).

The scene inspiring “Hay Bales at Horne Beach” is a field that over looks Lake Isle (Lac Ste. Anne County, Alberta, Canada), about 100m from our cabin. Very rural. Very Alberta. A moment captured between rain storms with sparkling clear Alberta skies. Trust me, those skies turned very black shortly after when the next storm blew off the foothills.


Art and photography by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta

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