“Orville’s Barn” (2014)

"Orville's Barn" 2014 acrylic on panel 6 inches by 6 inches

“Orville’s Barn”
acrylic on panel
6 inches by 6 inches

This past weekend we were out driving near our cabin. A barn that we pass often caught my eye. The barn, that sits on top of the hill, has been in rough shape for as long as we have known, but it now looks like it is ready to topple. I decided it was time to record it before it was gone.

I will honestly admit I have never painted a barn before, I worried that it seemed like a cliche thing to do, especially here in Alberta. Perhaps at some point everyone has to paint a red barn.

I like the fact that this is painted on a small scale, after all a six inch by six inch painting is quite small. The wonky window frames are actually like that in real life; it is a wonder the barn is still standing. It is a nifty little piece.

And by the way……..it actually is Orville’s Barn.


Painting by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada



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