A Fundraiser and a Painting

blog painting hangingOn Friday November 21st the Harris-Warke gallery is holding their annual fundraiser. This fundraiser auctions off works donated by local artists with the proceeds used for gallery operating costs throughout the year. Our city, Red Deer (Alberta, Canada,) has very few exhibition spaces so it is a cause worth supporting.

My piece is “Roe Islet Arbutus #1″, an 8″x10” painting of acrylic on canvas. It features the very unique arbutus trees that grow on the west coast of Canada.

blog roe islet arbutus #1 8x10 2014 satThis year the gallery asked for small pieces. It is kind of fun walking into a gallery space filled with small pieces instead of the usual huge pieces. It is a different experience standing 2 feet away from a piece of artwork compared to 20 feet away. Every single piece shown would easily fit into someone’s home.

blog galleryThe auction starts tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm, check it out if you are in town!

blog card

Painting by Debra Hunter