Fingerless Mitts – New Hand Knit Items – Handcrafted in Red Deer, Alberta (Canada)

blog fingerless mitts_9320A brand new pair of fingerless mitts has just been completed. The mitts are made of 100% Canadian produced wool that has been hand dyed in natural dyes (marigold and madder).

blog fingerless mitts_9323Four color stranded knitting makes for lively patterning and a bit of fun.

blog fingerless mitts_9315These fingerless mitts give an almost full thumb coverage, plus coverage to the beginning of the fingernails allowing for maximum warmth while still having fingertips available for texting or using a camera.

The past week has been great for knitting and crochet. I am working on some new home items plus building up a supply of Coffee Sweaters for either the next order or perhaps to finally get a shop up on-line, one of the goals for 2015.

Hand knit items by Debra Hunter
Studio H
Red Deer, AB and Pender Island, BC (Canada)

Handmade in Canada.


3 thoughts on “Fingerless Mitts – New Hand Knit Items – Handcrafted in Red Deer, Alberta (Canada)

    • Deb says:

      I find I get the best results with turmeric if I dye the wool in pomegranate first. Enjoy the dyeing.

      I also noticed on one of your posts that you were knitting from a graph you had drawn, I have been playing with a very basic graph program on my iPad which makes it really easy to play with designs and change them easily. I thought you might find that of interest.

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