“Roe Islet Arbutus #2” – Canadian Landscape Painting

Roe Islet Arbutus #2 (2014) 11x14

Roe Islet Arbutus #2 (2014) 11×14

“Roe Islet Arbutus #2” is one of those paintings that came together effortlessly. Before the first paint hit the panel I knew exactly how I wanted to approach the arbutus with twists of red and moving lines.

This is one of my favorite paintings completed recently. It is part of the Roe Islet series I have been working on. Roe Islet is a protected area off North Pender Island (British Columbia, Canada). Roe Islet features arbutus and evergreen trees, rocks and amazing sea views.

Roe Islet Arbutus #2
acrylic on panel

Art by Debra Hunter

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