One Image Four Ways – Studio Photography – Red Deer, Alberta

Each year I photograph many head shots. I thought in today’s post I would share a few different looks you can achieve from the same head shot image. The vast majority of the head shots I do are shot for use in websites, for business cards or publications. Many are the classic business portrait. Sometimes, however, it is nice to alter the classic image just a little to make it more eye catching and fresh, especially on-line where a picture that is a little different makes people stop and look.

The first image is a classic color studio image shot against a grey background, grey is a nice neutral to use as a background, especially if the shot will be used in different applications.

The second image is again in color but a bit desaturated. This gives a fresher more modern look.

The third image is even more desaturated plus has increased contrast. This creates a more stylized image as it is floating between color and black and white.

The final image is black and white. Always a favorite. Timeless and classic.

I always like it when a business portrait is altered just a little for on-line use. The image seems to have more personality and makes the image stand out.

Photography by Debra Hunter
Hunter Photographics