“Reaching For The Sun” – a new painting of Canada’s west coast – plus a quick update

reaching for the sun - canadian landscape painting

“Reaching For The Sun”
17.75″ x 25.75″
acrylic on paper
painting by Debra Hunter

It seems like it has been ages since I have put up a blog post on this site. 2016 to this point has been busy and productive. Multiple paintings have already been completed this year, for some reason it has been just a very good year to this point for creating work. In addition to the painting, I have been prototyping new naturally dyed hand knits (for http://www.handmade-canada.com ), had some lovely portrait shoots, and spent quite a lot of time working with wood and carving. It seems I am spending more time working with my hands than on the computer, which explains the very sparse blog posts.

This year I have been painting on panel, canvas and paper. The work above was finished late last night and is acrylic on paper. I am still working with the Roe Islet subject matter, it seems the more I paint the more I find to paint and explore. This is turning into a beautiful project with so many possibilities.

Hopefully the blog posts will become more frequent in the coming weeks. It’s funny that when you are really busy and have lots to share that it is also when you have the least amount of time to blog. Hopefully I’ll be back with another blog post soon, however if you follow Instagram, I often put “in progress” images up under @debramhunter if you want to take a look.

Art by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, BC, Canada


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