Opus Daily Practice 2017 – Day 1

Opus Daily Practice 2017 - day 1

Opus Art Supplies do a really cool thing for the month of February, they run a feature called Opus Daily Practice in which they encourage people to engage daily in a creative pursuit. 28 days of working on your daily practice to refine and engage consistently with your art.

Last year I found out about  Opus Daily Practice ( #opusdailypractice ) too late to take part, but this year I have decided to give it a try. The year before last I set out a drawing project for myself, which was a still life drawing a day , each day, for 6 months, so I should be able to do 28 consecutive days as long as life goes to plan.

I am going to extend my goal to all my pursuits, painting, drawing, photography and fibre art (including knitting) as I feel “craft” is as creative as “art”.

Today’s daily practice includes a drawing in progress and some maple leaf socks. The drawing is 5″x7″, pen and ink. It will take several days to finish so it will likely be a reoccurring feature over the next 28 days. The socks are near completion, maybe one day left; I’ll share them once they are finished as they are quite an original pair.

If you are interested in Opus Daily Practice you can check out the Opus Art Supplies website and also follow people participating in the concept on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook by searching the hashtag #opusdailypractice .

Art and knitting by Debra Hunter ,  Handmade in Canada







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