Opus Daily Practice – Days 12, 13, 14 and 15

I’m a little bit behind on blogging about my Opus Daily Practice, so I thought I would do one multi day post instead.

Day 12 – The theme was forest. I managed to finish off a painting based on a forest area in Kootenay National Park.


I also worked away on a naturally dyed ear flap hat.


Day 13 – was a “work in progress” day, knowing that I still needed to complete more drawings before Friday


Day 14 – involved finishing up 3 miniature drawings


plus work on another Cowichan inspired hat.


Day 15 – involved another side of an artistic practice which included documenting all the drawings and the start of matting and framing each piece so that they will be ready to go to the gallery on Pender Island.

"Canada Flag #1"

We are more than half way through Opus Daily Practice. It has been fun consciously working each day, plus watching others post their work on Instagram and Twitter.


Art and handmade by Debra Hunter.






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