Welcome to the website of Debra Hunter, a photographer, artist and craftsperson. This site showcases the various disciplines of Debra’s creative work , and presents the businesses and endeavors in one convenient website. This website also includes a blog presenting the latest of works and the inspiration behind the projects.


Debra provides professional photography services through Hunter Photographics. Hunter Photographics, conveniently located in the center of Red Deer (Alberta, Canada),  provides studio photography, location photography and outdoor photography . Currently the primary focus for Hunter Photographics is on portrait and business photography. Business photography includes head shots, small product shots, corporate events, and food photography. Restoration services for old photographs is also available. Debra can be contacted for information by email at hunterphotographics@shaw.ca  .


Debra’s art is heavily inspired by nature and the Canadian experience. Hiking, paddling and snowshoeing provides the opportunity to discover  new themes to explore. Working  in a variety of disciplines, some of which are painting, drawing, photography, natural dyeing and hand knits, creates the opportunity for a diverse range of work. Techniques utilized add an additional interest to pieces created, as Debra has a deep interest in exploring traditional methods of creating, especially when it involves natural materials. Often one discipline will inspire another, especially in the use of pattern and color, and the influence of nature.

Two dimensional artwork currently examines the themes of nature, the Canadian landscape, and the Canadian outdoor experience. Paintings and  drawings range from miniature works on paper to large canvases. Color and pattern feature prominently, adding a personal stylistic response to the themes. Patterns are often reminiscent of knit patterns, creating a relationship between two of the media Debra works in on a continual basis.

As a creative person, Debra also explores other visual avenues. On occasion en plein air painting factors into Debra’s practice  as a tool in “seeing” , working fast, and stripping down a scene. Debra  has also illustrated one book , “Straw Hat, Rubber Boots and a Cat”. Fibre art is also explored occasionally with pieces being created through knitting, crochet, stitching, embroidery, beading, eco-printing and shibori. She views this as an expansion of the “slow cloth” movement.

Handmade in Canada

Debra’s hand knits embrace exploring Canadian knitting traditions and the Canadian experience. Hand knits are available at www.handmade-canada.com . Pieces often feature stranded techniques to create patterned works. Motifs utilized range from maple leafs, trees and mountains, to patterning reflecting traditions of fair isle knitting and that of the regions surrounding the Salish Sea. The provenance of the raw materials is of huge importance , using only Canadian produced and milled wool. In addition to using Canadian raw materials,  a  conscious decision was made to work only with naturally dyed wools, of which are hand crafted, and to  hand dye the yarns in micro batches. Embellishments for the hand knits often feature hand carved toggles, which again focuses on being created from local materials.

Debra has displayed her work in art  shows, and small boutiques and galleries in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia.

Debra divides her time between Red Deer  (Alberta), and Pender Island (British Columbia).


For inquiries regarding Hunter Photographics (photography), Debra can be contacted by email at hunterphotographics@shaw.ca 

For inquiries regarding Handmade in Canada (knits and handmade), Debra can be contacted by email at handmade-canada@outlook.com  .

For inquiries regarding art by Debra Hunter, Debra can be contacted by email at debrahunterart@outlook.com .

Instagram accounts:

@handmadeincanada  (for handmade)

@hunterphotographics (for photography)

@debramhunter (for works in progress and general posts)

@debra_hunter_art (for art)

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