Welcome to the website of Debra Hunter, a photographer, artist and craftsperson. This site showcases the various disciplines of Debra’s creative work , and presents the businesses and endeavors in one convenient website. This website also includes a blog presenting the latest of works and the inspiration behind the projects.

Debra provides professional photography services through Hunter Photographics. Hunter Photographics, conveniently located in the center of Red Deer (Alberta, Canada),  provides studio photography, location photography and outdoor photography . Focusing on portrait and business photography,  the main subjects photographed are weddings, families, babies, pregnancy and business photography. Business photography includes head shots, small product shots, corporate events, and food photography. Restoration services for old photographs is also available.

Studio H encompasses both art and handmade items created by Debra. Currently Debra’s handmade items focus on pieces that are naturally dyed, plus when possible, a focus on locally sourced materials. A theme of hand knit items for the home follows through many of the one-of-a-kind pieces created, often following the style of heavily patterned, stranded knitting. Yarns for hand knit items are sourced locally when possible, and then hand dyed by Debra in natural, hand-crafted dyes. Eco printed items are also available on occasion. Certain hand knit items are available as whole sale items for small Canadian retailers with a focus on “Canadian made” and “hand made” products. Debra can be contacted for information by email at hunterphotographics@shaw.ca .

The art created by Debra Hunter is heavily based on nature. Gardening, hiking, paddling and snowshoeing provide her with the opportunity to find new themes to explore. She has a particular interest in viewing the natural world close up and can often be found close to the ground examining a mushroom or flower surrounded by her five children. Debra believes the most exciting ideas for artwork can be found in locations and subjects that surround one on a daily basis.Working in three different disciplines, painting, photography and fibre art, Debra finds that one discipline will often inspire another. A session of macro photography in a roadside ditch often leads to an idea for a painting or a fibre art piece, plus or turn into an outing to collect dye stuff for hand-crafted dyes for a fibre art or eco-dyeing project. Debra’s art, no matter the media, is unified through the theme of nature plus her love of color, texture and pattern.

Debra divides her time between Red Deer  (Alberta), Pender Island (British Columbia) and a rural property in Lac Ste. Anne County (Alberta).

For inquiries, Debra can be contacted by email at hunterphotographics@shaw.ca or by text or phone at 403-588-4032 .

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