Artist’s Biography – Debra Hunter

Artist’s Biography – Debra Hunter

Debra draws on being a professionally trained and working photographer, artist and craftsperson in presenting a diverse creative arsenal of work and technique.

A broad geographical experience of working professionally as a photographer in both Canada and the U.K., and as an artist and craftsperson in both Alberta and British Columbia, influences her work with a use of landscape witnessed and culture experienced.

Currently Debra’s work encompasses the following:

  • Art – painting and drawing concentrated on the Canadian landscape and experience. Drawings reflect a highly patterned landscape, influenced by historical illuminated manuscripts. Paintings tend to be landscape based on Alberta and British Columbia, generally on a slightly larger scale. Portfolios can be viewed at .
  • Craft – is presented through a deep interest in traditional, environmentally conscious, and ethical technique. Special focus is placed on Canadian sourced materials and natural dyes. The primary method used for handcrafted items is the traditional method of knitting by hand. Commercially, Debra’s handmade articles are available through her business Handmade in Canada ( ).
  • Photography -currently follows two different avenues. Debra’s personal photography is committed to the exploration of landscape and a love for monochromatic images. Debra’s business, Hunter Photographics, currently focuses on studio and location portrait photography, business photography, and project work. Portfolios can be viewed at .

Debra has displayed and sold her work in art  shows, and small boutiques and galleries in Alberta, Ontario and British Columbia.

Debra divides her time between Red Deer  (Alberta), and Pender Island (British Columbia).


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