Artist’s Biography – Debra Hunter

Artist’s Biography – Debra Hunter

Debra Hunter creates through a variety of visual mediums . Photography, fibre art, natural dyeing, woodwork, painting and drawing are mediums explored simultaneous.

As a professional photographer, Debra owns and operates Hunter Photographics, a studio that focus on location and studio work. The photography subject matter is primarily portraiture with a strong interest in black and white. Debra’s personal photography is currently strongly influenced by nature and is often the inspiration for her paintings of the west coast, mountains and prairies. Debra has formal training in photography with diplomas in both Fine Arts and Design and Photographic Technology. She has worked as a professional photographer in Liverpool , UK, and Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

At present Debra’s painting has been concentrated on landscape and the natural world. Over the past year the theme has been the Roe Islet Series, a series focused on the landscape of a tiny west coast islet. Debra primarily paints with acrylic with the occasional foray into watercolour and oils. En plein air painting also factors into her practice on occasion as a tool in “seeing” , working fast, and stripping down a scene. Debra also draws, again primarily landscape, and has illustrated one book , “Straw Hat, Rubber Boots and a Cat”.

Debra also spends a large portion of her time working in fine craft and with fibre art. Her accidental business, Handmade in Canada, focuses on naturally dyed, handmade, functional objects based on fibre techniques. The pieces are created through knitting, crochet, stitching, embroidery, beading, eco-printing and shibori. Stranded knit pieces of bold patterns often feature heavily in the collections she creates. She views this as an expansion of the “slow cloth” movement.

Wood is Debra’s latest medium to explore, again a medium that straddles the line between art and craft. She has been exploring carving discarded local branches and driftwood, creating both relief carved sculpture and  functional pieces such as spoons and embellishments for fibre art pieces.

Debra has displayed her work in art  shows, and small boutiques and galleries in Alberta and British Columbia.

Debra divides her time between Red Deer  (Alberta), and Pender Island (British Columbia).

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