Art – Miniatures in Progress

The start of a new year also means the start of a new series. This year I have decided to explore a botanical theme in the miniatures, focusing initially on the forest floor.

The theme seems well suited to miniatures, as mushrooms and leaves demand our up close attention for viewing details as do small works of art.

I am continuing to work in pen, ink and brush on paper, yet loosening up the lines in the initial drawing stage. There has also been a small departure from patterning, which I may or may not stick with.

Art is always a process. It will take a few pieces and many hours to define how I proceed with this theme. You never quite know where a piece will take you.


Work in Progress – Miniature Art

Currently in progress are several pieces of miniature art. The pieces are acrylic ink on paper and reflect themes of the west coast of Canada.

The above artwork, which is shown much enlarged compared to the size of the art in real life,  measures 7 cm in diameter. Artwork that can literally fit into the palm of your hand.

Miniature art is interesting. It is artwork that must be viewed up close. Art than can fit into any home. And due to it’s size, art that is affordable to own (and collect!).

Canadian inspired art by Debra Hunter.


Wildflowers and natural dyeing are closely connected. This year’s blooming goldenrod provide the dye material for dyeing my wool yellow for the coming year. Goldenrod provides a beautiful vibrant yellow, and is also a wonderful base coat for dyeing greens in combination with natural indigo. Working with natural materials means each item you create has […]

via Goldenrod in Bloom — Handmade in Canada

Beach Art – En Plein Air Painting on Pender Island

En plein art painting is always an interesting experience. You are dealing with shifting light, unpredictable conditions plus distractions. The great thing about working en plein air is how it teaches you to see and break down a scene so that it can be rendered on paper or canvas.

It has been quite a while since I have painted en plein air landscapes, but the last few days provided great opportunities. The beaches of Pender Island have been beautiful places to sit and paint.

Being a minimalist at heart, I have made a few changes to the art equipment used for outdoor painting. The art kit has now been stripped down to a watercolour pad, a waterbrush, a small travel watercolour paint kit, and a fountain pen. So streamlined. Less is definitely proving to be best, allowing me to focus on the painting rather than on an overwhelming array of art materials.




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Roof Lines – Architectural Photography in Red Deer, Alberta (Canada)

historic home, architectural photography, Red Deer, Alberta

Yesterday was a day for shooting roofs. A local roofing and exteriors firm is updating their website and needed images of some of the projects they had completed.

In addition to photographing the buildings, much of the look of the final image comes down to the editing of the images. Things like making sure color is accurate and that contrast is visually pleasing is all part of creating a polished final image.

The image above has also been altered in the sky area in order to take text. The solid color makes it easier to place text in the image that is easy to read. This technique is also popular if a client is wishing to place their company logo on an image, or wishing to blend an image with surrounding packaging, as in food photography.

architectural photography, church, Red Deer, Alberta
Other alterations that occur to create a pleasing image are the blending and darkening of areas of the image in order to highlight the main subject matter, as well as the removal of distracting elements.

The goal is to create the finest image possible for the client whether it is portrait, food, product or architectural photography.

For more information on our photography please visit .

Photography by Debra Hunter
Portrait and business photography in Red Deer, Alberta and on Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada.

New Photography Options and Pricing For 2017

2017 has brought about many changes to the services and options we offer for business, portrait, food, product and wedding photography. Our website has just been updated with the new changes, and the details can be found on the Pricing page. we are sure the changes will bring forth a year of creative shooting.

Hunter Photographics
photography by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, British Columbia