Roof Lines – Architectural Photography in Red Deer, Alberta (Canada)

historic home, architectural photography, Red Deer, Alberta

Yesterday was a day for shooting roofs. A local roofing and exteriors firm is updating their website and needed images of some of the projects they had completed.

In addition to photographing the buildings, much of the look of the final image comes down to the editing of the images. Things like making sure color is accurate and that contrast is visually pleasing is all part of creating a polished final image.

The image above has also been altered in the sky area in order to take text. The solid color makes it easier to place text in the image that is easy to read. This technique is also popular if a client is wishing to place their company logo on an image, or wishing to blend an image with surrounding packaging, as in food photography.

architectural photography, church, Red Deer, Alberta
Other alterations that occur to create a pleasing image are the blending and darkening of areas of the image in order to highlight the main subject matter, as well as the removal of distracting elements.

The goal is to create the finest image possible for the client whether it is portrait, food, product or architectural photography.

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Photography by Debra Hunter
Portrait and business photography in Red Deer, Alberta and on Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada.

Historic Schoolhouse – Heritage Square, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Heritage Square, Red Deer, AB, Canada

Historic Schoolhouse, Heritage Square, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

The historic park area of Heritage Square always has an added sense of nostalgia once the snow arrives. Black and white enhances the historic feel and also helps to define the architectural qualities of the buildings housed in the square.

For more images of Heritage Square please visit our Images of Red Deer page.


Photography by Debra Hunter
Hunter Photographics

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Interiors – Event Photography (Red Deer, AB, Canada)

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The above images are from a recent corporate event. The shoot involved photographing the speeches, awards, sponsor booths, plus images of the room, decorations, signage and other details relevant to business photography. Arriving early to the event allows for great room shots and the luxury of shooting  at a relaxed pace where you can pay attention to details. The room featured above is located in the Black Knight Inn in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Business and event photography by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, British Columbia (Canada)

St. Mary’s Church, Red Deer, Alberta – Architectural Photography

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I had the opportunity to be in St. Mary’s Church this evening, a church that makes for very interesting interior photography. This church has dramatic architecture and was originally designed by the architect Douglas Cardinal. The skylights create almost theatrical lighting while the way the ceiling hangs over such a large space is quite amazing.

The timing of this post works out to be quite convenient. Last year I photographed the church on Christmas Eve and posted the images on my other blog, over the past week I  have noticed the post is getting many views with the search words being “St. Mary’s Church mass times”. I thought I would include the mass times for this year for those who are looking (it isn’t that easy to find!).

December 24th – 5:00 pm, 7:30 pm, 10:00 pm, midnight
December 25th – 10:00 am

Mass at St. Mary’s on Christmas is quite something, but remember to arrive very early as the mass is always very, very busy.