Wildflowers and natural dyeing are closely connected. This year’s blooming goldenrod provide the dye material for dyeing my wool yellow for the coming year. Goldenrod provides a beautiful vibrant yellow, and is also a wonderful base coat for dyeing greens in combination with natural indigo. Working with natural materials means each item you create has […]

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Opus Daily Practice – day 9


Opus Daily Practice day 9. The theme was “muted”. As much as I thought about creating a muted piece to fit the theme I am currently working on, the more the weather outside called to the theme. So after a quick snowshoe, I set about to do a quick , muted, en plein air watercolour. Soft, muted, and a limited palette. Photographed still wet, as it was going to take a bit to dry in sub zero temperatures.


I also managed a bit of dyeing. Pomegranate for one skein and lac for another. I’m being very economical with my wool at the moment as I need to place another order….crazy when you think I order 25 lbs at a time!






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Knitting in Progress

coffee press sweaters may 2015

Another Coffee Press Sweater order is currently being worked on for Woods on Pender. I am currently at the half way mark. This grouping features indigo, madder, chamomile, pomegranate and turmeric as the natural dyes used for dyeing the wool. Each item features the Woods on Pender logo.

I have many hours of knitting ahead of me this week completing this order. If the weather holds I will also be getting the indigo vat going so that I can start dyeing another stock of indigo dyed wool. The blue color is becoming a favorite in a lot of my pieces.

Knitting and dyeing by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada

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Coffee Press Sweaters for Woods on Pender

b_coffee press sweater 6x6_7642

Coffee Press Sweater naturally dyed in indigo, chamomile, pomegranate and turmeric.

The Coffee Press Sweaters for Woods on Pender (Pender Island, BC, Canada) are complete. The sweaters will be dressing the coffee presses (and keeping coffee warm) in the accommodation units at the newest resort on the island.

Each Coffee Press Sweater is made of 100% Canadian produced wool that is milled in Alberta. The wool is hand-dyed in micro batches in natural dyes that I craft by hand. In keeping with the resort’s colors, the items feature colors created with marigold (right from our gardens), chamomile, pomegranate, turmeric and indigo. The Coffee Press Sweaters are knit by hand and proudly display the resort’s logo in the center band .

In addition to creating custom Coffee Press Sweaters for boutiques and the hospitality industry, we are always thrilled to sell our lovely handmade items to individuals. If you are interested in a Coffee Press Sweater we can be contacted through our website

Handmade items by Debra Hunter

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We also profile our work at , a brand new site for Canadian artists, artisans, writers, musicians and growers. If you are a Canadian maker, please take a look as we are currently looking for new makers to join our project.

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“Remnants” (2015) – a new fibre art piece

"Remnants" (2015) 10" x 14" ntutally dyed and eco dyed cotton, naturally dyed cotton, silk and wool threads, hand stitching

10″ x 14″
naturally dyed and eco dyed cotton, naturally dyed cotton, silk and wool threads, hand stitching, lino cut bull skull

“Remnants” is finally finished. This fibre art piece, started in late October or early November has been a journey. Originally it was to be a small lino cut skull printed on naturally dyed fabric and then embellished by beads. As I worked on the piece the idea grew to a larger piece that incorporated eco printed fabric ( the leaf imprints), took on a landscape concept, and relied on hand stitching to create the image. The idea of beading was completely abandoned; too fancy for this piece.

This piece has a roughness about it. Raw edges. Rough fabric. Lopi tacked down. Fabrics dyed with marigold and tansy; dyes from the earth. It is a rugged piece, rugged like the prairies. Inspired by farms down dirt roads with skulls tacked on fences and adorning sheds, the bits left behind, and remnants of the past.

Art by Debra Hunter







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Knit Collection

blog knit items_9716 a

Today’s image is of a small collection of the knit items I create. The items include Coffee Sweaters, Coffee Mug Sweaters, Coffee Press Sweaters, Coffee Carpets, Wine Wraps, and fingerless mitts.

All items are hand knit and made of 100% Canadian produced wool that is milled in Alberta. The wool is hand dyed in natural dyes that I craft by hand; some of the dyes, such as marigold, I grow in my garden.

I photographed this image for use in a collective I am in the process of forming. I will share the details of the project here once all the details are finalized.

Items are available from me directly through the website, at Sunworks (Red Deer, Alberta) and at the Whyte Gallery Shop (Banff, Alberta, Canada).

Knit items by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, BC, Canada

A New Batch is Done – New Knit Items

 christmas knitsA new batch of cozy knit Christmas ornaments has just been completed. This is another of my locally sourced and hand made items. They are made of locally milled wool that I hand-dye in natural dyes. The pictured ornaments have been dyed with cutch, lac, pomegranate, marigold, logwood and madder. All ornaments are hand-knit, and some even sport hand cut wood buttons. It is a nice way to add a little Canadiana to your holiday home decor.

I will have the details for purchase available soon plus an on-line shop will shortly be joining my website at The ornaments are also available in batches suitable for wholesale purchase. They are a nice item for shops featuring Alberta, British Columbia or Canadian produced items.


Handcrafted knit items by Debra Hunter
Studio H
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada

“The Star Money” (2014) – new fibre art piece completed

 the star money

“The Star Money” 17″x17″ (2014) naturally hand-dyed silk and cotton with glass beads

Last night I finished “The Star Money”, a piece based on the Grimm’s Fairy Tale of the same name. The base of hand-dyed silk is embroidered with cotton and silk threads (again hand-dyed) and glass seed beads. In viewing the piece in person in shimmers as the light hits the piece due to the glass beads and the texture of the silk.

I think it is interesting to interpret a folk tale using folk techniques. Originally these tales would have been shared in homes in a day where cloth was stitched by hand, just as this piece was.

It is a whimsical piece with the homespun feel of the folk tale.

I suspect this could be a theme I may continue with, after all I have 210 Grimm’s Fairy Tales to choose from.


Artwork by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

“Grain Elevator and Tansy” (2014)

"Grain Elevator and Tansy" (2014) 14.75 inches by 15.25 inches

“Grain Elevator and Tansy”
14.75 inches by 15.25 inches

“Grain Elevator and Tansy” is my most recent fibre art piece to complete.

Grain elevators are a classic Alberta scene, however many are disappearing as they age and cities and towns expand. It was nice to acknowledge these giants of the prairies using age old stitching, dyeing and beading methods.

This piece consists of hand dyed cotton, dyed in natural hand crafted dyes of marigold, cutch and madder. The piece is then detailed with hand stitching and hand beading. The stitching threads of cotton, wool and silk are also colored with natural dyes. If you look closely there are some pale yellow threads in the stitching dyed from tansy collected from ditches in Alberta and then turned into dye. Truly a home grown piece.

Photography and art by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta

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