Handmade Items

blog knit items_9716 a Check out our sub groups to discover our hand made items and the inspiration behind the items.

Welcome to the handmade items created by Debra Hunter.  Debra creates hand knit and naturally dyed items focusing mainly on items for the home, plus wearable items. Yarns used for knitting are all hand-dyed in micro batches in hand crafted natural dyes; some dyes even come from the garden such as the marigold and goldenrod dyes. Items crafted from wool are made of 100% Canadian produced wool that is milled in Alberta. Knit items often feature distinctive “stranded knitting” using several separate colors to produce creative patterns.In addition to knit items hand tied jewelery and eco printed items are also available on occasion.

Our handmade items are available for purchase by individuals, plus small wholesale batches are available to businesses who support the local, handmade, and “made in Canada” concepts. Personalized color options and styling is also available to customers using our items in the hospitality industry.

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