W1 Hundred

W1 Hundred was created by Debra Hunter. Designer. Craftsman. Artist. Photographer.

W1 Hundred was born out of a love for craftsmanship, hand-work, design, traditional processes, environmental best practices, and an interest in domestic textile production. Debra wanted to create a “Made in Canada” textile project, that took the concept to a whole new level, including environmental practices, and utilizing a domestic supply chain.

The original discussion focused on the concept of ethical clothing and the concept of a 100 Mile Wardrobe, a wardrobe that could go from yarn to clothing within a radius of 100 miles from where the clothing was being made. This was a spinoff of another small project of Debra’s, “Handmade in Canada”, which was already using Canadian wool and natural dyes. Creating W1 Hundred was the next step, a way to bring unique, ethical Canadian-made clothing to the mainstream.

Creating a truly Canadian product is a luxury. Products where the raw materials are domestically sourced are rare. Items created by hand are also incredibly rare, especially when it comes to clothing. W1 Hundred was an opportunity to create beautiful pieces and luxury Canadian products, by hand.

Each W1 Hundred item is designed and handcrafted by Debra. One-of-a-kind pieces make up a large proportion of the W1 Hundred offering, in addition to timeless permanent collection pieces. The focus is to offer special, high quality Canadian textiles, utilizing a domestic supply chain and best practices.

The focus of W1 Hundred is to create beautiful textile pieces, in Canada, using the best methods possible.

W1 Hundred is creating rare items, in a rare way.

Please visit us at www.w1hundred.com to view products and learn more.