Photography Pricing 2017

2017 brings several changes to Hunter Photographics in both the services we offer and the products.

In 2017 we have chosen to focus on creative work, studio photography, black and white photography,  and photography for the business client (head shots, product, food). We invite clients who are looking for more creative portraiture, black and white photography, studio portraits or photography to enhance their business image, to contact us and discuss the photographic possibilities. We will also consider project based photography.

2017 also brings some significant changes to the products we offer. In response to the current climate where customers are interested in owning digital files, our products and pricing now reflect this requirement. Other products (wallets, 4×6 prints , cards, un-retouched prints) have been discontinued as transportation costs and time investment had made the products no longer a viable option to offer. In an effort to offset some of these changes, we have kept enlargement prices the same as in the previous year.

Please text us at 403-588-4032 with any questions you may have, or email us at .

All session fees are to be paid in full upon booking.

All digital file and enlargement fees are to be paid in full upon ordering.

Please note, ALL photography orders must be placed by the original client to respect the privacy of our clients.

Please add 5% GST to prices quoted.

Portrait Photography

We are employing a new concept for portrait photography this year in response to the challenges the Alberta economy currently presents. We have chosen to go to a system where the customer is paying only for the poses and groupings that they actually require. This makes a lot of sense for our customers. For years the photography industry has operated on an “unlimited pose” type of system which lead to higher costs for our customers. In offering a pay per pose/grouping system, our customers are able to acquire a more affordable photography option and be able to budget more accurately for the photography they require.

Base Portrait Session

  • Our base portrait session includes photography for one pose/group at one location (a maximum 30 frames are taken during the session)
  • The base portrait session includes one 8×10 retouched enlargement
  • the base portrait session is for photography within the city limits of Red Deer  (Alberta) or the island of Pender Island (British Columbia)
  • pricing is based on weekday sittings, Monday to Thursday
  • base portrait session – $125.00 (plus GST) 
  • a customer may purchase multiple base portrait sessions (at the price of $125.00 each plus GST) if they require different groupings, locations or poses
  • contact us for pricing for locations outside of the area specified above

Enlargement Pricing

5×7 (retouched) ……………………………………………………..…………………..$42.00
8×10 (retouched) ………………………………………………………..………………$60.00
11×14(retouched, un-mounted & un-laminated)……………………….…..$110.00
16×20(retouched, mounted & laminated)……………….…….……….…..$250.00
20×24(retouched, mounted & laminated) ………………………..………..$340.00

***Please note that a $20.00 shipping fee will be added to all orders under $100.00 (prior to GST)

Digital Files

  • Digital File with basic retouching (blemishes, dark circles under eyes, etc.) – $125.00 each
  • Digital File with advanced retouching – please contact for a quote – starting at $175.00 each

*** Each file is fully retouched and profiled for Hunter Photographics printing profile. Please note that each printer uses a different profile/paper combination and we cannot guarantee the visual outcome of images that we are not personally printing.

Business Photography

We offer both in studio and on location options for business  photography in order to suit the client’s needs. While our studio is the perfect location for business head shots, food and product photography, location work is also available for when required.  We are also able to accommodate group business portraits and sessions suitable for head shots for multiple people which is often required when creating or updating a business website.

Business photography is available in both digital and print format.

Business Portraits / Head Shots

  • Studio head shot – 15 minute session – $75.00 (plus GST)
  • please contact  us for pricing regarding more in depth business portrait photography options

Product and Food Photography

  • Studio Photography – 1 hour shooting time – includes one retouched digital file (basic retouching) – $100 (plus GST)
  • Additional digital files from food/product studio session – $75.00 each
  • for initial photography session, please budget 1 hour of photography per item
  • please contact us for a quote regarding more in depth retouching such as background removal, combined images, image manipulation, etc.
  • as all food and product photography jobs are unique, please contact us with any questions you may have, or to discuss the scope of your project

Business Event Photography

  • event photography starting at $200.00, please contact us for a quotation depending on the scope of the event

Wedding Photography

  • currently we only photograph an extremely small number of weddings. We invite you to visit the “Wedding” page (click to view) which will introduce you to the style of weddings we accept for photography.
  • Wedding Coverage includes a 1.5 hour photography session, three 8×10 enlargements, and three digital files (same images as 8×10’s) – $650.00 (plus GST)

For further information regarding any of the services we offer, or to discuss the scope of your project, please text us at 403-588-4032 or email us at .

Hunter Photographics
Photography by Debra Hunter
Text – (403) 588-4032
Red Deer, Alberta






3 thoughts on “Pricing

  1. Jo-Ann Gebbink says:

    Do you charge extra for sitting fees for 4 – 5 groupings within a family. We are a family of 7 adults; 3 small children. I can see up to at least 4 different groupings.

    • Deb says:

      All sub-groups are included in the pricing. If you have young children, I recommend shooting the large group first and then any groupings including children, followed by adult groupings at the end. This seems to work best. Also for booking times, keep in mind the nap times for children, after naps usually works best.

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