Beach Art – En Plein Air Painting on Pender Island

En plein art painting is always an interesting experience. You are dealing with shifting light, unpredictable conditions plus distractions. The great thing about working en plein air is how it teaches you to see and break down a scene so that it can be rendered on paper or canvas.

It has been quite a while since I have painted en plein air landscapes, but the last few days provided great opportunities. The beaches of Pender Island have been beautiful places to sit and paint.

Being a minimalist at heart, I have made a few changes to the art equipment used for outdoor painting. The art kit has now been stripped down to a watercolour pad, a waterbrush, a small travel watercolour paint kit, and a fountain pen. So streamlined. Less is definitely proving to be best, allowing me to focus on the painting rather than on an overwhelming array of art materials.




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Beach Portraits

blog beach portrait_3365 cWinter doesn’t mean having to wait until spring for outdoor portraits, a warm dry day in February can make for lovely shooting. The opportunity to shoot on occasion on the west coast makes the experience even nicer. The location for this portrait was Bridges Road on Pender Island (BC, Canada).

Photography by Debra Hunter.
Hunter Photographics