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Business head shots are a type of photography that always seems to be in demand. Company’s like to have well polished, professional images for business cards, websites, promotional material, advertising and annual reports. Often I complete head shot photography in the studio, but on occasion I will do the photography on location with a portable studio set up if it works logistically better for the business or organization.

The above images are a few samples from a fairly recent event. The head shots were created on location with the portable studio setup during the organization’s yearly meeting. In this situation working on location made the most sense as the subjects being photographed had traveled from municipalities from all over Central Alberta.

In the near future I will share some “event photography” from the same function. I really enjoy doing this type of work as it is a very refreshing environment to work in and you meet so many interesting people.


Photography by Debra Hunter
Hunter Photographics

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Musical Interlude – Event Photography – Red Deer, Alberta

blog guitar frame


Yesterday I spent the evening shooting a corporate event. During a break between head shots, speeches and awards I noticed the musician hired for the event and what a great shot a close up of the hands and strings would be. It was nice to find an “art shot” hidden amongst a few hours of business photography.

I will be sharing more of the event in blog posts in the near future.

Hunter Photographics
photography by Debra Hunter

Red Deer Photographer – Commercial – Middle C

middle c border blog

This is an image from an ongoing project that I am currently working on. I find photographing objects to be a really enjoyable type of work. You have all the time in the world to play with lighting and angles; still life photography truly has the possibility of being an art form.

One of my first jobs in photography after graduating from college was working for a commercial photography firm in England that specialized in product shots. We would spend days building sets and hours lighting the subject to get the perfect image. It was all about the details to get the perfect shot. The project I am working on is allowing me to return to that type of work and it is turning out to be more enjoyable than I have ever imagined.

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Latin Food Photography (2)

Plato Amoroso-Shrimp
Plato Amoroso-Shrimp

I spent the past weekend immersed in food photography again. It was a continuation of the recent shoot for Jose Jose Latin Restaurant. This weekend was spent building a blog for the restaurant. Photography is interesting at the moment, it is no longer a case of just shoot and print the image. Images can now be digitally altered and processed to which the final result is only limited by one’s imagination. The digital format also makes desktop publishing and promotion via electronic means and social media sites convenient . I have to admit I quite like taking photography to the next level when a customer’s requirements include creating layouts or creating web or blog sites. I love the challenge of a shoot becoming a larger project and it is very rewarding to see the final product when the whole project is completed.

Taco Beef Fajita

Taco Beef Fajita

Plato Santiagueno

Plato Santiagueno



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Colored Pencils

colored pencils blogThis image is from an ongoing studio based project I am working on. Many of the shots fall into the macro category. It has been fascinating to light and shoot objects in an extremely close-up situation; the details enlarged have been interesting to see.

Latin Food (1)

It has been a busy, busy week with work for my photography business. In addition to the usual portrait work, my week has been filled with food photography. I recently did a shoot for Jose Jose Latin Restaurant where we photographed a good proportion of their menu items. The food is very colorful and very yummy. The servings are also HUGE, so if you are feeling hungry it is certainly a place to check out. Today I am sharing images of Jose Jose’s empanada, fajita and chimichanga. I’ll share a few more images in the days to come. I am pretty sure the images will leave you with a craving for latin food.

Empanada - photography by Hunter Photographics


Fajita - photography by Hunter Photographics


Chimichanga - photography by Hunter Photographics


Test Tube

test tube 1 blogThese test tube images are part of a project I am currently working on. It was an interesting shoot as each image was very different; there was no way to predict the shape the swirling color would take. Backlighting provided the definition and punch needed to shoot the clear glass object.

test tube 3  blogtest tube 2 blog