In Progress – Colorfield Landscape

Segments of tonight’s painting. A work in progress. Another deconstructed landscape under construction.



The Freedom Series – painting

Freedom 1- 8″x10″, ink on paper, 2018

The Freedom Series is an ongoing group of pieces started in 2018. I had wanted to work on an ongoing project that had few limitations in an effort to avoid “painters block”. By choosing the word “freedom”, it allowed me to approach the paintings with just that, freedom. It could be abstract, landscape, or based on any other inspiration. The only real limitation is that I have chosen to work on paper. This decision was made as I feel you are more likely to produce more work, and take more risks, and experiment more when working on paper instead of canvas or board.

Freedom 2 – 8″x10″, ink on paper, 2018

The pieces, to this point, are an extension of the paintings I am currently doing on canvas. soft and hard lines, fields of color, lots of meshing color, and a nod to landscape.

Freedom 3: Sea – 5″x7″, ink on paper, 2018

Some are also proving to be studies for larger pieces.

Freedom 4: Trainspotting – 5″x7″, ink on paper, 2018

Several weeks in to this project, it is proving to be quite interesting, and quite beneficial, as it is very conducive to promoting a daily practice.


Wet Monday

It’s a Monday with a lot of wait times.

I’m working very wet on paper. I mean VERY wet. This is day two of small pieces with layers and bleeds of color. One west coast piece and one more for the “freedom” series. It seems it is a couple of minutes of painting followed by a couple of hours of waiting.

I’m also reclaiming a canvas I decided I didn’t love. I know some people burn canvases, I’m re-gessoing. So it is roll and wait, roll and wait. I am actually going to attack the same canvas, with the same theme, but employing some things I have learned along the way.

It is also scouring and mordanting day. It is so important to stay on top of having a dyed wool stock, as dyeing takes me a day or two per skein.

I imagine the next few days will be prep work and organizing, and then off to the coast for a work week.

Updated Photography Pricing

New shooting season, new price list.

Each year we assess our photography offerings, our customer requests, and our creative interests, and tweak what we offer for photography services. This year we continue with streamlining our photography services and pricing schedule.

This year sees an emphasis on studio photography and business photography, a direction that allows us to work with fine tuned posing and lighting, and focus on timeless portraits.

We invite you to view our price list, and contact us with any inquiries.

Debra Hunter


Work in Progress – Miniature Art

Currently in progress are several pieces of miniature art. The pieces are acrylic ink on paper and reflect themes of the west coast of Canada.

The above artwork, which is shown much enlarged compared to the size of the art in real life,  measures 7 cm in diameter. Artwork that can literally fit into the palm of your hand.

Miniature art is interesting. It is artwork that must be viewed up close. Art than can fit into any home. And due to it’s size, art that is affordable to own (and collect!).

Canadian inspired art by Debra Hunter.

Beach Art – En Plein Air Painting on Pender Island

En plein art painting is always an interesting experience. You are dealing with shifting light, unpredictable conditions plus distractions. The great thing about working en plein air is how it teaches you to see and break down a scene so that it can be rendered on paper or canvas.

It has been quite a while since I have painted en plein air landscapes, but the last few days provided great opportunities. The beaches of Pender Island have been beautiful places to sit and paint.

Being a minimalist at heart, I have made a few changes to the art equipment used for outdoor painting. The art kit has now been stripped down to a watercolour pad, a waterbrush, a small travel watercolour paint kit, and a fountain pen. So streamlined. Less is definitely proving to be best, allowing me to focus on the painting rather than on an overwhelming array of art materials.




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New Photography Options and Pricing For 2017

2017 has brought about many changes to the services and options we offer for business, portrait, food, product and wedding photography. Our website has just been updated with the new changes, and the details can be found on the Pricing page. we are sure the changes will bring forth a year of creative shooting.

Hunter Photographics
photography by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, British Columbia





Black and White – A Portrait of Togetherness

blog bw sample crop _5368

Sometimes the strength of an image is in the details.

Yesterday I was editing this photography shoot and came across this image. I noticed what a strong image of togetherness this image was when cropped tightly. Timeless coupledom captured.

Photography by Debra Hunter

Hunter Photographics
Photography in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada








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