Opus Daily Practice – day 9


Opus Daily Practice day 9. The theme was “muted”. As much as I thought about creating a muted piece to fit the theme I am currently working on, the more the weather outside called to the theme. So after a quick snowshoe, I set about to do a quick , muted, en plein air watercolour. Soft, muted, and a limited palette. Photographed still wet, as it was going to take a bit to dry in sub zero temperatures.


I also managed a bit of dyeing. Pomegranate for one skein and lac for another. I’m being very economical with my wool at the moment as I need to place another order….crazy when you think I order 25 lbs at a time!








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Prairie Dawn (2013)

"Prairie Dawn" 2013

“Prairie Dawn” (2013)

dimensions:  main section of stitched and beaded silk – 18.5″ x 10″ overall dimensions including mounting – 29″ x 14.5″

medium:  fibre art

materials: silk fabric, cotton fabric, wool yarn, cotton thread, bamboo thread, silk thread, glass beads, wire, jute, arbutus driftwood

“Prairie Dawn” is the ultimate “close to home” piece of art. The topic of the piece is a typical Alberta landscape complete with a straight horizon and patchwork fields. The natural fabrics and threads that form the piece have been dyed by hand in micro-batches of home-made dyes; and when I say micro, I mean micro….some of the batches are 2-3 feet of string….that’s it. The dyes have been made with tansy, strawberry, cranberry, blueberry, turmeric, marigold, arbutus bark, blackberry, cutch and madder. The marigold used as a dye stuff was harvested from my garden, the arbutus bark was collected from beneath our tree in our place in British Columbia, and the tansy was collected from ditches that run alongside fields just like those depicted in the piece. “Prairie Dawn” is mounted on a piece of arbutus driftwood suspended by wire reminding me of the barbed wire fences that criss-cross our local landscape. “Prairie Dawn” embraces the hand-made and home-grown attitude of early rural Alberta.

Beading detail in the rising sun.

Beading and stitching detail in the fields.

Peony Scarf (June 2013)

peony ecoprint scarf (2013)“Peony Eco-print Scarf”

11 inches by 60 inches

100% silk scarf eco-printed with the natural dyes released from the peony leaves; colors are then enhanced with a final post mordant dip.

The peony leaves are sourced directly from our garden. This process allows for a beautiful image to be imprinted on the silk. The resulting leaf print has an almost a fossil-like look.

(This item is currently reserved.)

Please visit my website at www.thehuntergroup.ca

peony scarf detailpeony scarf detail

“Flower Garden” (2013)

flower garden blog” Flower Garden” (2013)

dimensions : 16 inches by 20 inches

media: silk hand dyed with hand-crafted natural dyes, embellished with cotton, bamboo and silk thread, and accented with glass beads

flower garden detail


“Flower Garden” is a fun piece, a little folk-artsy, a little child-like, and a whole lot of beads. The red beads in the border total just under 2800 beads alone….I didn’t work out how many beads the whole piece contains, I’m not quite that insane. Unfortunately the little pictures in the blog don’t really show the texture, the shimmer, and the detail the piece contains; it is a piece that really needs to be seen (and touched) in person.