Evening View to Clam Bay Farm – New Canadian Painting

"Evening View to Clam Bay Farm" 2015 12"x12" acrylic on panel

“Evening View to Clam Bay Farm”
acrylic on panel

This painting was inspired by an evening view of historic Clam Bay Farm on Pender Island (British Columbia, Canada). Through the smoky haze of distant forest fires soft colors play in the distance.

A smaller sized panel, pastel colors and new subject matter  created new territory for painting. This is the second painting in the last couple of weeks with an agricultural theme. This is perhaps not what first comes to mind when you think of the Gulf Islands, but farming is definitely part of the island’s past, present and culture.

Painting by Debra Hunter




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Country Boy

max cross process blogAfter an incredibly long winter it is great to finally have the opportunity to shoot some outdoor portraits. Shooting on location is fun, and when you have the opportunity to shoot at a completely new location it makes for some really creative shooting with fresh looking images.

max 4 blogThis session was shot in a rural area west of Edmonton. Country roads, old shacks and interesting fences all create a very rural Alberta atmosphere. Early season gives the warmth and texture of brown grass which adds to the rugged and relaxed feel. Most people think of outside portraiture being green trees and manicured lawns, but I have to admit I like the honesty of shooting in naturally occurring surroundings.

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