The Garden in Black and White

peonies - black and white photography - red deer, alberta

black and white flower photography - red deer, alberta

daisies - black and white flower photography - red deer, alberta

Flowers in black and white. A different way to view our natural world. Seeing form over color. An artistic way to interpret our gardens. Seeing things differently, that is what photography should be about.

Photography by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, BC, Canada





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Wildflowers and natural dyeing are closely connected. This year’s blooming goldenrod provide the dye material for dyeing my wool yellow for the coming year. Goldenrod provides a beautiful vibrant yellow, and is also a wonderful base coat for dyeing greens in combination with natural indigo. Working with natural materials means each item you create has […]

via Goldenrod in Bloom — Handmade in Canada

Yellow – photography in Red Deer, Alberta

canola portrait 4Yellow is definitely a summer color. It is the color of sunshine in a child’s drawing, lemonade, and if you live in central Alberta, canola. Yellow fields are everywhere this time of year and they are one of my favorite backgrounds to shoot against. Canola fields lend themselves to relaxed and natural portraits and are perfect to capture moments of a child’s exploration.

canola portrait 3

canola portrait 2 canola portrait 1

Hunter Photographics
photography by Debra Hunter

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Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


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