Finally Updated the Website With Fun New Fibre Pieces

Driftwood Bracelet #1

Driftwood Bracelet #1

Well I finally got around to updating my Hunter Photographics and Studio H website at . This has been on my “to do” list for quite a while. To be honest I have been putting it off as I had to create new categories  and a new album for the shop. I knew it was going to take time as the program has a tendency to be “buggy”. Well the program kept its reputation and acted up, but some how I seemed to make it work.

blog coffee sweater 10

Additions to the site include an updated “Bracelet” section, the addition of a “Coffee Sweaters” section and a “Shop”. We will ship to anywhere in Canada, however if you are local and would like to see our fun new pieces, drop us an email ( ) and we can set up a visit. Coffee Sweaters are also available at Sunworks  located on Ross Street in Red Deer.

The new shop Coffee Sweater page can be found HERE.

The new Bracelet page can be found HERE.

The new Shop page can be found HERE.

blog coffee sweater 5

I still need to update some recent photography images, but that will be a project for the new year.

Rose Leaf Eco-Print Shirt

rose leaf eco-printed shirtThis cotton shirt has been eco-printed with rose leaves from our garden. The rose leaves give wonderful details and crisp lines. The colors of the prints vary from olive-green to grey. Eco printed wearables are a great choice for the eco conscious person or someone who just loves nature.

eco printed shiry detail

Unfortunately this item is unavailable for purchase  as I love it too much to part with. However if you are interested in any items that I post please feel free to email for more information.

To view the story behind how I create the eco-printed shirt, please visit view the post “Rolled and Bundled Shirt”.

If you are interested, I also post work at  and on Facebook .