“MacKenzie Ponds” – enplein air painting


Thanksgiving weekend has given me the chance to take a few minutes break from knitwear.  This evening I had the chance to go out for a quick en plein air painting session. It was definitely quick, as the sun was sinking, and the temperature was 3C.  Still, it was nice to get out to capture a fall landscape .

This painting, “MacKenzie Ponds”, is 8”x10”. Watercolour on paper.

Update Time!

It has been a long time since posting. It has been busy. Very busy. With an incredible amount of creative changes. I think the easiest way to do an update is by breaking it down by medium:

Artwork – miniature landscapes have been selling well all year long out on the west coast. Pieces have gone to both tourists and island collectors. It is always a good day when the gallery calls you to say “We need more paintings!” Currently I am working on new pieces for the Christmas Small Packages Show. My artwork is available on a continual basis at Talisman on Pender Island (BC, Canada).

Photography – as of last month I have put portrait and wedding photography into hibernation. I will still continue to work on personal photography projects. This decision was made as I needed time to commit to my new project http://www.w1hundred.com . Only having 24 hours in a day had become a little limiting!

Textiles – big changes here! With the development of “W1 Hundred” I had to make some decisions as to how to handle my various textile projects and what their focus will be. In order to have development time, I have taken a break, for most of 2019, from working with retailers in the mountain parks. It was a necessary step to be able to focus on new products, techniques and building a new business model.

I am currently combining “Handmade in Canada” and “Pure Wear Canada” under “W1 Hundred” as themed projects. “Handmade in Canada” products are currently available on Pender Island; they sell consistently well to visiting tourists. “Pure Wear Canada” is having a little rest, but will most likely return as a hand-knit series; I already have many concepts in mind, but the aesthetic will be very different than before. “W1 Hundred” is now fully launched, new products, a new look, a new shop…..and the latest blog post can be read HERE .

Now that the work is done, hopefully I will have more time to stay in touch blogging and updating this site.

And if you are on Instagram, that is where you will find me most days, at @w1hundred and at @makerslife_debrahunter .

Let’s stay in touch.



“Freedom 5: Grey Flood” – Canadian Art

“Freedom 5: Grey Flood”, ink on paper, 5″x7″, 2018, by Debra Hunter


The Freedom series continues. Small works on paper, approached with experimentation. A way to loosen up painting and art.This piece is one of the wettest pieces I have made in recent weeks. Layers of diluted ink veiling one over the other. Hard lines for contrast.

This piece is based on recent spring floods, and the spreading flowing waters. There is inspiration everywhere.


And so the paint meanders…..


And so the paint meanders…….

A new work in progress. An idea that has shifted a dozen times in the last few days. In the last couple of hours it has found its path. I think we have navigated past twee and into stronger territory.

A smaller canvas at 16″x20″. I wanted to test out playing both vertical and horizontal lines on something smaller, testing to make sure it didn’t get too landscapey, but was still reminiscent.

Hopefully I will be up to the strong color portion tomorrow, that is when we will see if it all comes together.


The Freedom Series – painting

Freedom 1- 8″x10″, ink on paper, 2018

The Freedom Series is an ongoing group of pieces started in 2018. I had wanted to work on an ongoing project that had few limitations in an effort to avoid “painters block”. By choosing the word “freedom”, it allowed me to approach the paintings with just that, freedom. It could be abstract, landscape, or based on any other inspiration. The only real limitation is that I have chosen to work on paper. This decision was made as I feel you are more likely to produce more work, and take more risks, and experiment more when working on paper instead of canvas or board.

Freedom 2 – 8″x10″, ink on paper, 2018

The pieces, to this point, are an extension of the paintings I am currently doing on canvas. soft and hard lines, fields of color, lots of meshing color, and a nod to landscape.

Freedom 3: Sea – 5″x7″, ink on paper, 2018

Some are also proving to be studies for larger pieces.

Freedom 4: Trainspotting – 5″x7″, ink on paper, 2018

Several weeks in to this project, it is proving to be quite interesting, and quite beneficial, as it is very conducive to promoting a daily practice.



Beach Art – En Plein Air Painting on Pender Island

En plein art painting is always an interesting experience. You are dealing with shifting light, unpredictable conditions plus distractions. The great thing about working en plein air is how it teaches you to see and break down a scene so that it can be rendered on paper or canvas.

It has been quite a while since I have painted en plein air landscapes, but the last few days provided great opportunities. The beaches of Pender Island have been beautiful places to sit and paint.

Being a minimalist at heart, I have made a few changes to the art equipment used for outdoor painting. The art kit has now been stripped down to a watercolour pad, a waterbrush, a small travel watercolour paint kit, and a fountain pen. So streamlined. Less is definitely proving to be best, allowing me to focus on the painting rather than on an overwhelming array of art materials.





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Johnson Lake Paintings – Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada

I was recently going through a few paintings from spring of 2016. During that time I was taking a theme and then doing a few paintings based on a single theme before moving to a new subject matter. I thought it would be interesting to do a post showing a few paintings based on a single location.

These paintings are all from Johnson Lake which is located in Banff National Park (Alberta, Canada).


Johnson Lake #4 – 8″x10″, acrylic on paper, 2016

This first painting is from the viewpoint looking back on the trail that skirts the lake. This is a lovely spot for walking with clear views and the warm sun often bounces off the slope.

Johnson Lake #3

Johnson Lake #3 – 8″x10″, acrylic on paper, 2016

This view of Johnson Lake is one of the first scenes one sees when they approach the lake from the parking area. In the background we have the beautiful mountains of Banff National Park, while the foreground displays the sandy beach and blue green water, a color associated with many lakes and rivers that run through the Rockies. The location in which one sees this view is a perfect place for a picnic.

Johnson Lake #2

Johnson Lake #2 – 8″x10″, acrylic on paper, 2016

In painting this work, I wanted to explore the interesting shape of the tree while highlighting the amazing color of the lake.  This angle is from the far end of Johnson Lake. This painting has a slightly different paint treatment than the other paintings shown. The other paintings are painted in a flat and matte style, while this painting employs textures and glazes with a hint of gloss in the sky and tree. I think it is quite interesting to add this texture to a work on paper.


Johnson Lake #1 – 8″x10″, acrylic on paper, 2016

This final Johnson Lake painting again focuses on a tree in the foreground, a tree located at the far end of the lake. I will admit I really enjoy painting trees, especially trees that have yet to leaf out. This painting takes a slightly looser approach as I felt the tree and the blues in the background did not need competition from further detail. It is one of those paintings that reached a point and just felt right, I loved the blues, I loved the movement in the branches, and I knew it was time to put down the brush.

It is always interesting when you start to paint a single area in multiple paintings. I have done this with a few different spots including one area in the Gulf Islands where I have based many paintings. I find the more times you visit a spot the more your paintings evolve, and the more you paint the location the more you enjoy future visits. Painting and hiking are great mates, once you know scenery could become future inspiration for your art, you start to really “see” the landscape you are viewing.


Paintings by Debra Hunter







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