Autumn Leaves In Two Styles – Canadian Ink and Watercolor Paintings

"Autumn Leaves in Black and White" (2015) 5"x7" pen, brush and ink on paper

“Autumn Leaves in Black and White”
pen, brush and ink on paper

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This week I have played a little bit with using one piece of imagery and completing two pieces based on the theme in the same sitting. The concept is to use a different approach with each piece and to see what happens. I will admit that I am working on automatic and just going with how the image comes off the pen or brush, rather than being a slave to realistic details.

"Autumn Leaves" (2015) 5"x7" watercolor and ink on paper

“Autumn Leaves”
watercolor and ink on paper

The subject matter this evening was an image of Alberta autumn leaves. I tackled one painting in black and white and the other in color. You can see how the pieces are related, yet they have very different feels. The color image is more aggressive and busier, while the monochrome painting takes a simple and more peaceful route.

Playing with different styles in the same sitting  is an interesting approach, and I will be continuing working this way in the coming week.

Art by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta & Pender Island, BC, Canada









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Rose Leaf Eco-print Scarf – #2

rose leaf scarf 2 blog” Rose Leaf Eco-print Scarf – #2 “

11 inches by 60 inches

This is the perfect scarf for a nature lover, gardener or those interested in eco-conscious  clothing.

100% silk scarf eco-printed with the natural dyes released from rose leaves; colors are then enhanced with a final post mordant dip.

The rose leaves are sourced from a pink rose-bush growing in our front garden. This process allows for a beautiful image to be imprinted on the silk, with some of the vein details showing in some of the printings. The final result is a scarf patterned with leaf prints of overlapping blacks, greys and grey-greens.

This item is currently available for purchase within Canada. Please email for more details.

To view the story behind how I create the eco-printed scarves, please visit and view the post “Eco-printing With Rose Leaves”

I also post work at .

rose leaf scarf 2 detail a blog

rose leaf scarf 2 detail

rose leaf scarf 2 detail b blog