Recycled Knits

Over the last little while I’ve been working on a technique of recycling wool scraps. As I knit over a hundred pounds of wool each year, I have a lot of ends that are clipped off of finished pieces that would normally go into the waste bin, and then the landfill, but in the back of my mind I have always thought there is a way to avoid this situation.

Through experimentation, and a LOT of time, I discovered I could strip down the scraps and re-spin them. I spin by hand on a Turkish spindle.

I have knit, in the past with the yarn created from the first re-spin. For the project I am currently working on I decided to ply  re-spun to re-spun.

This creates a thicker yarn. I will admit it is a weird ply and it creates a sturdy yarn. This type of yarn is a good fit for the project I am working on, a mini cross-body bag.

It is quite interesting to explore the idea of taking waste fiber and turning it into a functional item. This concept still needs further exploration, but it is definitely forward thinking.


Opus Daily Practice – day 7

Opus Daily Practice day 7 ( #opusdailypractice ). The theme was “urban”, citing the style of Basquiat as a style. Each day I have been doing a daily practice with both art and handmade, today is no exception, except today I will show both pieces separately as the styles are so vastly different.

#opusdailypracticeThe painting, “Leftovers”, is 8″x10″ and acrylic on paper.


I also have another Cowichan inspired hat half-finished. This will be headed west once completed as all my hats have sold out on the island.

February has been a busy month for creativity!




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