“Rose Leaf Eco-print Scarf” (2013)

rose leaf eco print scarf

“Rose Leaf Eco-print Scarf” (2013)

11 inches by 60 inches

100% silk scarf eco-printed with the natural dyes released from rose leaves; colors are then enhanced with a final post mordant dip.

The rose leaves are sourced directly from our garden. This process allows for a beautiful image to be imprinted on the silk. The resulting leaf print has an almost a fossil-like look.

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rose leaf eco print detailrose leaf eco print detail

“Flower Garden” (2013)

flower garden blog” Flower Garden” (2013)

dimensions : 16 inches by 20 inches

media: silk hand dyed with hand-crafted natural dyes, embellished with cotton, bamboo and silk thread, and accented with glass beads

flower garden detail


“Flower Garden” is a fun piece, a little folk-artsy, a little child-like, and a whole lot of beads. The red beads in the border total just under 2800 beads alone….I didn’t work out how many beads the whole piece contains, I’m not quite that insane. Unfortunately the little pictures in the blog don’t really show the texture, the shimmer, and the detail the piece contains; it is a piece that really needs to be seen (and touched) in person.