Winter Portrait and a Return To Black and White

winter portrait

As spring is just around the corner, I thought I would show one of my favorite winter portraits while the snow is still on the ground. Reflecting my current preference for shooting, the image is in timeless black and white.

I find myself returning more and more to black and white, returning to the style of photography that made me fall in love with the medium. Perhaps this is how it often goes. We start out in photography for love, then twist what we do to meet our clients needs in order to make a living, but in the end we find we need to return to the style of shooting we love. It seems I am slowly completing that circle, black and white is coming to the forefront plus an interesting (non-commercial) project in its infancy. Stripping away all the fakeness of photoshopped images in their over-processed ways, and going back to the basics, photography is becoming interesting again.

Photography by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta & Pender Island, BC, Canada

Instagram: @hunterphotographics






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Beach Portraits

blog beach portrait_3365 cWinter doesn’t mean having to wait until spring for outdoor portraits, a warm dry day in February can make for lovely shooting. The opportunity to shoot on occasion on the west coast makes the experience even nicer. The location for this portrait was Bridges Road on Pender Island (BC, Canada).

Photography by Debra Hunter.
Hunter Photographics


Country Boy

max cross process blogAfter an incredibly long winter it is great to finally have the opportunity to shoot some outdoor portraits. Shooting on location is fun, and when you have the opportunity to shoot at a completely new location it makes for some really creative shooting with fresh looking images.

max 4 blogThis session was shot in a rural area west of Edmonton. Country roads, old shacks and interesting fences all create a very rural Alberta atmosphere. Early season gives the warmth and texture of brown grass which adds to the rugged and relaxed feel. Most people think of outside portraiture being green trees and manicured lawns, but I have to admit I like the honesty of shooting in naturally occurring surroundings.

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