Studio Head Shot and Business Photography – Red Deer, Alberta

business portrait red deer alberta white background

Business photography continues to be busy  in 2015. This client required a classic head shot to be used on the website and printed media for a company in the petroleum industry. Clients want fresh, up to date and eye catching images, and white backgrounds seem to be the hot trend.

We offer business head shots with full retouching and a quick turn around time. Pricing includes copyright-free, full resolution files suitable for all virtual and publication requirements.

Photography by Debra Hunter
Hunter Photographics

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Red Deer Photographer – New Studio Photography

studio portrait 1 blogstudio portrait 2 blog










This portion of the studio is just finished being repainted providing a whole new and fresh look for shooting. The area was previously painted in dark blues with a dark floor, so the minimalist earth tones with a lighter floor is quite a refreshing change.

The simplistic background and lighter tones create a modern feel  as more and more families aim for relaxed and casual studio portraits.

This particular section of studio will easily accommodate groups of up to 10 people for photography. If a larger group requires studio photography, our studio area with risers and white doors has accommodated a group of 22 people.

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Hunter Photographics
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Yellow – photography in Red Deer, Alberta

canola portrait 4Yellow is definitely a summer color. It is the color of sunshine in a child’s drawing, lemonade, and if you live in central Alberta, canola. Yellow fields are everywhere this time of year and they are one of my favorite backgrounds to shoot against. Canola fields lend themselves to relaxed and natural portraits and are perfect to capture moments of a child’s exploration.

canola portrait 3

canola portrait 2 canola portrait 1

Hunter Photographics
photography by Debra Hunter

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Red Deer, Alberta, Canada


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Portrait in the Woods

outdoor portrait

Red Deer, Alberta has a wonderful park and path system running throughout the city. The wooded areas provide a lovely backdrop for casual portraits. This time of year presents backgrounds of lush greens making it a great time to capture the essence of summer in a photography session. A summertime portrait will be a welcome addition displayed in your home as winter approaches (remember how the snow arrived October 13th last year!).

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Little Flower

"little flower"The last few days I have been shooting a bit in the studio. I have been concentrating on a bit more classical child portraiture. A look that is a little more timeless. The real challenge is to shoot children that are all dressed up but to make them look natural. This little girl is a princess at heart, which makes the task quite easy. She actually told me she is going to be a fairy princess when she grows up; pretty exciting stuff!

I am a big fan of black and white. I love the simplicity. In this portrait the little touch of color softens the portrait and adds to the sweetness of the little girl.

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Latin Food (1)

It has been a busy, busy week with work for my photography business. In addition to the usual portrait work, my week has been filled with food photography. I recently did a shoot for Jose Jose Latin Restaurant where we photographed a good proportion of their menu items. The food is very colorful and very yummy. The servings are also HUGE, so if you are feeling hungry it is certainly a place to check out. Today I am sharing images of Jose Jose’s empanada, fajita and chimichanga. I’ll share a few more images in the days to come. I am pretty sure the images will leave you with a craving for latin food.

Empanada - photography by Hunter Photographics


Fajita - photography by Hunter Photographics


Chimichanga - photography by Hunter Photographics


The New Wedding Coverage – Hunter Photographics

bride and groom

The Background

After years of shooting hundreds of weddings we have decided to change our format for the wedding coverage we offer. We had noticed that over the years the wedding photography had become less and less about the bride and groom. Weddings had gone from being about the bride and groom with a few wedding party and family pictures, to weddings full of family politics and wedding party drama (even months before the wedding, let alone on the wedding day) that we as photographers, for some inexplicable reason, were expected to sort out. We realized we had to make a change. Our choices were to either stop photographing weddings or to change the style of wedding coverage so that we could do what we do best …………photography.

bride with colored flowers

The Concept

The wedding is one of the bride’s and groom’s most important days of their life. We believe the photography should reflect the couple’s relationship. We believe that their wedding day photography should be carried out in an enjoyable, stress free environment and be carried out in a time efficient manner. For these reasons we have chosen to focus on a wedding coverage that is for the bride and groom only.

Our goal is to provide beautiful photography for the wedding couple. We can tailor the style of photography to be anything from classical portraiture to a journalistic look, but at the end of the day the couple will have a lovely selection of fine art wedding photographs. Our goal is to provide memorable images to last a lifetime in this age of disposable iPhone photos. Our goal is to provide photography to couples who take photography as seriously as we do.

bride and groom on bridge

How The Packages Work

The wedding photography industry has become notorious for having complicated packages so that the wedding couples have no idea what they are really paying for. My all time favorite is the “minimum investment” system, which has all the vibes of a used car salesman.

We decided we want to make the packages as simple as possible. Our packages are for a set time frame; one package is a one and a half hour time frame, the other package is a two-hour time frame. During the photography session we shoot an unlimited number of images, and photograph in an unlimited number of locations. The packages have a specific number of enlargements included, all are the most popular sizes we sell, and all enlargements are fully retouched.

Our goal is a simple and refined system for wedding photography.

bride and groom with flowers

The Packages

The Classic Wedding Portrait Package

The Classic Wedding Portrait Package is a two-hour photography session of the bride and groom concentrating on creative photography in studio or at your choice of locations in Red Deer.

This package also includes:

Six 5×7 enlargements in folders.

Six 8×10 enlargements in folders.

$795.00 (plus GST)

The Wedding Portfolio

The Wedding Portfolio is a one and a half hour photography session of the bride and groom. Photography is available in studio or at your choice of locations in Red Deer. This package is available September through April on Saturdays, and weekdays throughout the year.

This package also includes:

Four 5×7 enlargements in folders.

Three 8×10 enlargements in folders.

$395.00 (plus GST)

Please check out our website to view samples of our work and to contact us with any questions you may have.