Another Batch of Coffee Sweaters Ready – handmade gift items available at Sunworks (Red Deer, Alberta)

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Another set of Coffee Sweaters were dropped off to Sunworks yesterday afternoon. The last batch sold FAST. I am starting to see my knit items pop up in use around town which is pretty fun.

This new group sports some brighter colors and bolder patterns. They are all hand knit and naturally hand dyed of Canadian produced wool that is milled right here in Alberta.

Sunworks is located on Ross Street in Red Deer, Alberta. It is a great place to look for niche items that make for special gifts.

Knit items by Debra Hunter
Red Deer Alberta & Pender Island, BC, Canada




Interiors – Event Photography (Red Deer, AB, Canada)

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The above images are from a recent corporate event. The shoot involved photographing the speeches, awards, sponsor booths, plus images of the room, decorations, signage and other details relevant to business photography. Arriving early to the event allows for great room shots and the luxury of shooting  at a relaxed pace where you can pay attention to details. The room featured above is located in the Black Knight Inn in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

Business and event photography by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, British Columbia (Canada)

Musicians – Event Photography (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada)

The above black and white images are from a corporate event I photographed a few days ago. I have covered this event before, and one element that remains the same each year are the musicians that play live through the networking and socializing portion of the program.

These images are shot handheld in very low light. I think black and white compliments the images and creates a timeless look.

Photography by Debra Hunter
Hunter Photographics


New Coffee Sweaters Available at Sunworks (Red Deer, Alberta, Canada) – Handmade Canadian Gifts

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A new set of Coffee Sweaters has recently been delivered to Sunworks. These Coffee Sweaters are a great way to keep your coffee warm and your hands comfy. Each Coffee Sweater is made of Canadian produced wool that is milled in Alberta. The wool is then hand dyed in natural dyes and the Coffee Sweater is knit by hand. These are an awesome stocking stuffer or a great little gift to send in the mail as they are compact and unbreakable.

Sunworks is located on Ross Street in the heart of downtown Red Deer.


Coffee Sweaters are “handmade in Canada” by Debra Hunter

A Fundraiser and a Painting

blog painting hangingOn Friday November 21st the Harris-Warke gallery is holding their annual fundraiser. This fundraiser auctions off works donated by local artists with the proceeds used for gallery operating costs throughout the year. Our city, Red Deer (Alberta, Canada,) has very few exhibition spaces so it is a cause worth supporting.

My piece is “Roe Islet Arbutus #1″, an 8″x10” painting of acrylic on canvas. It features the very unique arbutus trees that grow on the west coast of Canada.

blog roe islet arbutus #1 8x10 2014 satThis year the gallery asked for small pieces. It is kind of fun walking into a gallery space filled with small pieces instead of the usual huge pieces. It is a different experience standing 2 feet away from a piece of artwork compared to 20 feet away. Every single piece shown would easily fit into someone’s home.

blog galleryThe auction starts tomorrow evening at 7:00 pm, check it out if you are in town!

blog card

Painting by Debra Hunter

More New Knitting – Knit Gift Items Made in Alberta, Canada

naturally dyed knittingI completed another order of naturally dyed and hand knit items this evening. Coffee Sweaters, Coffee Mug Sweaters, and Coffee Press Sweaters will be off on a journey to the Whyte Museum Shop in Banff, Alberta. These items are perfect for the upcoming gift giving season. This latest grouping contains a few pieces I absolutely love, and now someone enjoying the Rockies can enjoy them too.


Naturally hand-dyed and hand-knit items and gifts by Debra Hunter
Studio H
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, British Columbia


“Autumn Walk, Dr. George Trail, Gaetz Lake Sanctuary” – New Painting of the Canadian Landscape (Red Deer, Alberta)

blog Autumn Walk  Dr George Trail Gaets Lake Sanc 2014 border

“Autumn Walk, Dr. George Trail, Gaetz Lake Sanctuary”
11 inches by 14 inches
acrylic on panel

This painting captures a morning walk through fall leaves along the Dr. George Trail. The Dr. George Trail is a 1 km loop the runs through the Gaetz Lake Sanctuary located just behind Kerry Wood Nature Centre in Red Deer, AB, Canada. A mix of evergreen and deciduous trees plus wetlands and grasslands makes for an interesting stroll.

I have decided to work on a series of paintings based on this natural area. We frequent the area often and see it throughout the seasons;  the sanctuary has endless possibilities for paintings. So far I have completed three finished paintings and three in progress from this area.

For the last few months I have made the switch from painting on bigger canvases to painting on smaller panels. The switch has also included going from detailed up close subject matter to broader landscape views. I expected the switch to not make much of a difference in the way that I painted, however I was very wrong. The first challenge was paint seemed flatter on the panel, I eventually solved that problem with working in some glazes to build depth. The second challenge was working on a smaller scale. I thought the smaller scale would create stiffer contrived pieces, but strangely the smaller paintings ended up looser (well after the first painting or three that is!). The paintings look more like something out of my sketch books. At first it seemed odd, but after I thought about it, it made complete sense. The smaller size was like working in a sketchbook, as was the smooth surface. I also have sketched “landscapes” for years, but have only painted them on rare occasions. So the big decision now is whether I continue to paint like I sketch or do I tighten it up. The other option is to paint the same painting two different ways. This may seem a bit repetitive, but could also be very interesting in seeing the outcome. I’ll have to see if the right spot inspires me to try the two painting scenario.

Painting by Debra Hunter


A New Batch is Done – New Knit Items

 christmas knitsA new batch of cozy knit Christmas ornaments has just been completed. This is another of my locally sourced and hand made items. They are made of locally milled wool that I hand-dye in natural dyes. The pictured ornaments have been dyed with cutch, lac, pomegranate, marigold, logwood and madder. All ornaments are hand-knit, and some even sport hand cut wood buttons. It is a nice way to add a little Canadiana to your holiday home decor.

I will have the details for purchase available soon plus an on-line shop will shortly be joining my website at The ornaments are also available in batches suitable for wholesale purchase. They are a nice item for shops featuring Alberta, British Columbia or Canadian produced items.


Handcrafted knit items by Debra Hunter
Studio H
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada

Fall Portrait Sitting Fees for Family Photography – Hunter Photographics – Red Deer, Alberta

red deer outdoor child portrait

Fall portrait of a child taken in Coronation Park, Red Deer.

With the arrival of fall colors, I’ve had a lot of inquiries regarding sitting fees for family portraits. As my website is more of an information site rather than a selling site I thought I would share the pricing on the blog instead. The prices listed are for either studio photography or location photography within the Red Deer city limits. Prices are in effect until October 30th, 2014. Please feel free to send us an email or text, or give us a call with any questions you may have. All our contact information is available at .

Sitting Fees

One to five people ………….$75.00
Six to eight people ……….…..$105.00
Nine to twelve people ..……..$120.00
Over thirteen people ..………$155.00

***Please contact us for special pricing on business head shots.

blog H

Photography by Debra Hunter
Family, baby, pregnancy, wedding and business photography in Red Deer, Alberta.