Studio Portrait in Cool Tones – Studio Photography – Red Deer, Alberta

studio portraitI’ve noticed a trend in some high end magazines where portraits have their tones shifted into cooler, more desaturated tones. It think it takes a certain style of portrait for this to work. This straight forward pose with a simple studio background seemed to be the perfect candidate for that style of coloration. A great style to work with for solo portraits or even head shots for someone in a creative field.

Photography by Debra Hunter
Hunter Photographics
Business, family, head shot and wedding photography
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

Rose Leaf Eco-print Scarf – #2

rose leaf scarf 2 blog” Rose Leaf Eco-print Scarf – #2 “

11 inches by 60 inches

This is the perfect scarf for a nature lover, gardener or those interested in eco-conscious  clothing.

100% silk scarf eco-printed with the natural dyes released from rose leaves; colors are then enhanced with a final post mordant dip.

The rose leaves are sourced from a pink rose-bush growing in our front garden. This process allows for a beautiful image to be imprinted on the silk, with some of the vein details showing in some of the printings. The final result is a scarf patterned with leaf prints of overlapping blacks, greys and grey-greens.

This item is currently available for purchase within Canada. Please email for more details.

To view the story behind how I create the eco-printed scarves, please visit and view the post “Eco-printing With Rose Leaves”

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rose leaf scarf 2 detail a blog

rose leaf scarf 2 detail

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