Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

Currently we only take on an extremely small number of weddings for photography. For us to consider photographing a wedding, it must meet the criteria of a bride and groom who are truly interested in creative images. We invite you to read about our wedding photography below, and if you feel your wedding suits our photography, please contact us.

The Concept

The wedding is one of the bride’s and groom’s most important days of their life. We believe the photography should reflect the couple’s relationship. We believe that the photography should be creative. We believe that their wedding day photography should be carried out in an enjoyable, stress free environment away from the crowds of guests, wedding party attendants and family. For these reasons we have chosen to focus on a wedding coverage that is for the bride and groom only.

Our goal is to provide beautiful photography for the wedding couple. We can tailor the style of photography to be anything from classical portraiture to a journalistic look, but at the end of the day the couple will have a lovely selection of fine art wedding photographs. Our goal is to provide memorable images to last a lifetime in this age of disposable iPhone photos. Our photography is for couples who respect fine photographic images over wanting 300 images of drunken groomsmen. Our goal is to provide photography to couples who take photography as seriously as we do.

We are available for wedding photography for a few dates each year in Red Deer (Alberta) and on Pender Island (British Columbia).

How The Package Works

We decided we want to make our wedding photography as simple as possible. One package. Photography focused only on the bride and groom. Availability for photography either on location or in our studio (in Red Deer, Alberta), or both. A package consisting of a trio of retouched enlargements and the accompanying digital files for the customer to have the flexibility to use as they deem fit.

Our goal is a simple and refined system for wedding photography.

The Package

This package  includes:

A 1.5 hour  photography session of the bride and groom.

Three retouched 8×10 enlargements in folders.

Three retouched digital files (copyright free) of the same images chosen for the 8×10 enlargements.

$650.00 (plus GST)


*** for additional images the bride and groom have the opportunity to purchase further enlargements or digital files. Please visit our “Pricing” page for details.

For further information please email us at  or text us at 403-588-4032 .


For further information please contact Debra by email at  or by text  at 403-588-4032.

Hunter Photographics
photography by Debra Hunter
Red Deer, Alberta and Pender Island, British Columbia

text: 403-588-4032
email :







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