Welcome to Hunter Photographics

Hunter Photographics is located in the heart of Red Deer (Alberta, Canada) and provides professional photography created by Debra Hunter. Debra, in addition to working as a professional photographer in both England and Canada, has completed formal training and diplomas in both Photographic Technology and Fine Art and Design.

Hunter Photographics provides  studio and location photography.

We provide a wide range of photography services including portrait, business, landscape, and food photography, plus the restoration of old photographs.

Our studio is outfitted with props and backgrounds suitable for portrait , product, food and business photography. We can accommodate larger groups; the largest group photographed in the studio to date is a group of 22 people.

In addition to our Red Deer studio,  at certain times throughout the year we are also available for photography on Pender Island (BC, Canada).

Please email us for further information regarding our photography services.


art, photography and handmade by debra hunter
red deer, alberta and pender island, british columbia, canada


2021 Update: Due to technological changes in the industry, and customer preferences, as of 2021 we no longer have on file images taken prior to 2020.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Hunter Photographics

  1. Norma Mitchell says:

    Just heard your interview on CBC but could not catch the full email address on the property tax issue. We definitely want to join your crusade. We own property in Parksville on Vancouver island but are still Alberta residents. Love to hear from you!

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